Utah Silver Jackets / Utah State Hazard Mitigation Team

The vision of Utah Silver Jackets team is to serve as a catalyst in developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions to flood hazard issues, including mitigation planning, flood hazard mapping, risk reduction activities, and response and recovery planning.

State and Federal agencies will work together to:

  • Increase and improve flood hazard identification, assessment, communication and outreach among Local, State and Federal agencies
  • Foster leveraging of available agency resources
  • Develop more comprehensive State flood risk management polices and strategies
  • Promote wise stewardship of the taxpayers' investments
  • Provide technical services and planning guidance that is needed to support effective flood plain management
Current Projects

Bluffdale Inundation Mapping

The project will assist the City of Bluffdale to identify and understand its flood risks. Bluffdale is nestled in the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley. The Jordan River, the primary watercourse in the drainage basin, flows north through the city, eventually emptying into the Great Salt Lake. The dramatic scenery, rural feel, and proximity to amenities in Salt Lake City and the Provo Metropolitan Area have contributed to exponential growth in Bluffdale; it is currently home to over 14,000 people, a more than 900% increase in population from 1980. The Salt Lake Valley has an extensive canal system that is used for the transportation of water to sustain crops and for flood control. Along the Jordan River, there are eight major diversions and seven canals on both the east and west side of the river.

Two of the main flood risks for the area come from the Jordan River and from localized flooding from the canals. The City has experienced flooding from the canals and would like to have some maps developed to help them better understand and manage their flood risk.

Past Projects

Some of the projects in the past that have been supported by the Flood Risk Management Program include (but are not limited to):

  • Utah Flood Risk Education
  • Skull Valley Floodplain Mapping
  • Zion National Park Hydrology and Hydraulics Support

For more on Utah's Interagency risk management efforts, visit the State Silver Jackets lead (also the State Hazard Mitigation Team lead), the Utah Division of Emergency Management: https://dem.utah.gov/

For More Information Contact

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Sacramento District, Email, 916-557-7009

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Utah State Risk MAP Program Manager, Email, 801-538-3752

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