South CaRolina Silver Jackets

The vision of the South Carolina Silver Jackets Team is to increase coordination and efficiency between state and federal governmental agencies in developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions to flood and coastal risk management in the State of South Carolina and serve as a catalyst in developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions to flood hazard issues, including mitigation planning, flood hazard mapping, risk reduction activities, and response and recovery planning.


  • The core agencies will establish an inter-agency team to communicate and work with other state and federal agencies to:
  • Enable the effective and efficient sharing of data and information,
  • Foster the leveraging of available agency resources,
  • Provide improved services to our mutual customers, and
  • Promote wise stewardship of the taxpayers' investment.
Team activities

Disaster Risk Reduction Training - Quarterly

The South Carolina Silver Jackets in partnership with the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association (NHMA) and Clemson Risk Engineering and Systems Analytics Center offered a two-day Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) training. The training included several modules of the DRR Ambassador curriculum, a creation of Resilient Neighbors Network (RNN), peers and others in the NHMA leadership who recognize the need for information, knowledge of best practices, and analytic tools to enable better-informed decisions about the many facets of DRR.