Rhode island silver jackets

The Rhode Island Team is comprised of representatives from Federal and State agencies which support comprehensive and sustainable actions that reduce flood risk within the State of Rhode Island. Through this partnership, the State will continue to demonstrate success by fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Prior to the inception of the Rhode Island Team, the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency led the Flood Mitigation Working Group. The group, consisting of several current Silver Jackets partners, originally convened in response to severe inland flooding experienced during the spring of 2010. Meetings focused on identifying partner capabilities, discussing vulnerabilities and supporting interagency efforts. The charter, finalized in August 2016, solidifies the expectations for implementation of the State's Silver Jackets Team moving forward.

Mission Statement

To facilitate coordination, cooperation and function as a catalyst in the identification, abatement and resolution of flood hazards and associated risks within the State through such means as flood and dam observation and warning systems; riverine and dam break hazard mapping; flood and dam hazard mitigation; planning and education; as well as response and recovery efforts.

team activities

Floodplain Managers' Handbook

The Rhode Island Silver Jackets Team, in coordination with a number of partners, will collaborate with the USACE to develop a comprehensive handbook for Rhode Island floodplain professionals. This document will combine sound floodplain management techniques, federal requirements and state regulations into a single concise resource. The final product will be widely distributed and used as a training tool to enhance floodplain management techniques statewide.

Historical Structure Flood Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

The Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (HPHC) operates the statewide historical preservation program that identifies over 21,000 historical assets. The Rhode Island Silver Jackets Team will work with HPHC and other stakeholders to convert existing data to a GIS format and complete a flood hazard vulnerability assessment of the historical features statewide.