Ohio Silver Jackets

The Ohio Silver Jackets Team is an interagency team is dedicated to working collaboratively with the Federal, State and appropriate stakeholders in developing and implementing hazard mitigation actions that leverage available agency resources, which include funding, programs, and technical expertise.


  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the risks associated with natural hazards and support communities in developing plans and projects to manage living with these risks.  
  • Be proactive in proposing solutions and programs to reduce damages from flooding and other natural hazards by collaborating with communities and other stakeholders.  
  • Maximize the taxpayers’ investment by working together to leverage programs and resources resulting in more complete solutions for the protection of life and property.
  • Advocate change to existing policies and processes that will improve hazard mitigation efforts and emergency response between agencies.


  • Increase participation in Silver Jackets by incorporating new agencies and team members.
  • Increase team members’ knowledge of interagency mitigation programs and authorities to leverage resources and identify gaps.
  • Provide hazard mitigation assistance to high priority communities targeted by the State Hazard Mitigation Team.
  • Develop and deliver outreach to increase public awareness of natural hazard risk.
  • Maintain interagency relationships.


  1. Support the State Hazard Mitigation Plan objectives and updates
  2. Flood Risk Awareness Efforts
  3. Implement interagency Flood Risk Management Nonstructural projects
Team Activities

West Columbus Flood Risk Management Tabletop Exercise

Recently selected, this interagency project will focus on conducting a tabletop exercise with multiple entities to address preparedness and response concerns during an event associated with the West Columbus Local Protection Project in Franklin County, Ohio.

South Licking Watershed Logjam Inundation Analysis

Conduct an inundation analysis of logjams in the South Licking Watershed focusing on the Racoon Creek debris fields. The outcome of the project will facilitate prioritization for removal of logjams by max benefit to reduce flood risk. This project is ongoing and scheduled for completion in December 2022.

Franklin-Carlisle Flood Inundation Mapping

Develop hydraulic modeling and flood inundation map datasets to protect lives and property from the risk of flooding in the Franklin & Carlisle area. This project is ongoing and scheduled for completion in September 2022.

Lake Erie Tabletop Exercise

Conduct a tabletop exercise in Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio where a Lake Erie flood event will be simulated. The outcome will identify actions for improved response and to promote shared responsibility.  Exercise is anticipated to be conducted in April 2022.

Massillon, Ohio Flood Risk Tabletop Exercise

The Silver Jackets team assisted with an Interagency Levee Safety Tabletop Exercise along with the City of Massillon, Ohio on December 11, 2020. The exercise was limited to the area in and around Massillon, Ohio. The scenario involved a progressively worsening flood that occurs in the region. The purpose of the tabletop exercise was to facilitate a discussion-based session with stakeholders to examine roles during an emergency and their response to a major flood simulation. Improving safety, mitigating risks and identifying areas of potential improvement within local community’s emergency management plans and procedures, inspiring relationships and enhancing efficient interagency communication at the local, State, and Federal levels, and identifying roles, responsibilities, and duties related to natural disaster planning and response are goals of the tabletop exercise.