New York Silver Jackets

The New York Silver Jackets team is dedicated to working collaboratively within the state of New York with other federal, state and stakeholders and appropriate stakeholders to develop and implement solutions to flood hazards by identifying  the appropriate agency resources, funding programs and technical expertise.

The team's focus areas are improved outreach and coordination and developing an interagency program guide.

Team Activities

Planned FY22 Activities

  1. Tropical Storm Agnes – 50th Anniversary Campaign – An outreach campaign is being planned to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Tropical Storm Agnes and the goal is to highlight the event to illustrate changes in flood risk reduction programs that have been implemented since Agnes in 1972.
  2. Emergency Action Plan training sessions – These training sessions are being facilitated to help local governments develop their Emergency Action Plans.
  3. Information Guide – An interagency guide is being put together to provide local governments information on federal and federal programs which can provide risk management opportunities and points of contact.

(Team meetings are held three times a year. If interested in the New York Silver Jackets Team, please contact the numbers at the top of the page.)