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A Silver Jackets and Levee Safety Program Project for Missouri

The objective of this project was to assist in developing six editions of a newsletter, encouraging a partnership between the state, levee sponsors, and the Corps of Engineers. The primary partner is the Missouri Levee & Drainage District Association (MLDDA). The newsletter, called the River Crest, are about evergreen topics that raise awareness and understanding of the risks and benefits associated with levee systems along the Missouri River valley. The target audience is the levee sponsors, community officials, businesses, local, state and federal agencies, political representatives and the public, who benefit from the levees. The newsletter provided and will continue to provide federal, state and local community officials, as well as the public, with information they may not have received before, or which they may not have remembered receiving. The raised awareness helps to manage flood risks better and prompts actions to diversify how the floods are mitigated, besides just using levees.

This completed project also promotes actions to reduce and manage levee associated flood risk, and among these are understanding the shared responsibility across multiple entities and many disciplines, ranging from the levee sponsors, community officials, and the public. The newsletters highlight actions taken by USACE, MLDDA, SEMA, FEMA, levee sponsors and community officials to reduce risk through levee inspections, operation and maintenance, addressing risk drivers and recommendations from the risk assessments on the non-fed program levees and other related levee safety activities. In addition, these newsletters help to provide a better explanation of USACE Levee Safety Program activities, including risk assessments and related information. The newsletters have built a foundation about the shared responsibility, and they do this by continuing to provide information for developing and implementing solutions to flooding around levee systems in Missouri for years to come. 

Archive of the River Crest

The following six issues were created in 2018 in collaboration with the partners on the State Risk Management Team:

Discover More About What Was Learned

The roles-responsibility matrix for levees is a tool (top right of this web page) that helps to understand who does what and when. Issue 5 discusses mitigation and risk communication efforts. Read more about how the roles-responsibility matrix helps in Issue 5.

The River Crest project team, including SEMA, MLDDA, and MDNR met August 24, 2018 and had a dialogue about roles and responsibilities. The team agreed that emergency mangers and floodplain managers have important overlaps that involve communicating with levee sponsors.

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Risk communication is a very important part of flood risk management for any feature that affects floodwaters, especially levees and dams. The State Risk Management Team and USACE districts in Missouri are committed to bring you the best information on these topics. This web page has more on the risk management work with levees.

The SRMT, under a proposed project with SEMA and the Silver Jackets interagency proposals, did six newsletters to improve the public understanding of flood risks in and around levees. All issues are in the articles at the bottom left of this web page.



Both Missouri SEMA and MDNR worked under a levee safety project with USACE that introduced several newsletters, held a levee dialogue with MLDDA, and developed this roles-responsibility matrix. This tool helps to understand who does what and when.



As part of the dialogue between partners in Missouri, the SRMT has realized that understanding the roles of each entity is a first step in addressing risk management options in the levee safety work. The complexity of the interactions between agencies, communities, and levee sponsors, through a variety of programs, is challenging and partially shown below.

Additional Levee Safety Information

Communities in Missouri and partners with the State Risk Management Team will find these items below helpful in enhancing levee safety efforts.