Mississippi Silver Jackets

Success in reducing the nation's flood risk depends heavily upon collaboration of Federal, State, and local governments, public organizations, private entities and citizens located within the floodplains. The intent of the National Flood Risk Management Program is to coordinate and synchronize flood risk management programs, activities and initiatives at the Federal, State and local levels. At the State level, the "Silver Jackets" approach will be used to develop and maintain interagency partnerships within the State. The primary goals are to share available resources and engage in open communication between Federal, State, and local agencies so flood risk management issues can be solved collaboratively.

The Mississippi Team was established in 2009. Vicksburg District is the USACE lead for Mississippi.

Team Activities

Pascagoula River Basin

There has been an increase in flooding in the Pascagoula River basin's tributary rivers and streams. Communication of flood inundation directly reduces flood risk and increases resiliency for the counties and cities affected. With documented threats to public safety and infrastructure, flood inundation mapping will aid in risk communication, planning and decision making.

USACE Dam Safety

USACE has emergency exercises with state and local partners with USACE flood control dams to practice emergency operations in the event of a dam failure. Inundation mapping is provided by USACE Vicksburg for downstream emergency management agencies and other officials for emergency planning purposes. Silver Jackets can assist in the communication of that flood risk and be an extra set of hands during an emergency.

For More Information Contact

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Vicksburg District, Email, 601-631-5741

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Mobile District, Email, 251-694-3866

Participating Agencies


  • FEMA - Region 4
  • National Weather Service - Jackson
  • NWS Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center
  • USACE - Vicksburg and Mobile Districts
  • US Geological Survey


  • Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
  • Mississippi Department of Transportation
  • Mississippi Emergency Management Agency