Maryland Silver Jackets

The Maryland Silver Jackets Team first convened in 2010. The team's activities are guided by the 2016 State Hazard Mitigation Plan which includes the following goals.

To protect life, property, and the environment from hazard events through:

  • Increased public awareness of hazards, mitigation, preparedness, and resiliency.
  • Enhanced coordination with local jurisdictions and linkages between state and local mitigation and resiliency efforts.
  • Protection of State assets, infrastructure, and critical facilities.
  • Promote actions that protect natural resources, while enhancing hazard mitigation and community resiliency.
  • Efficient use of State resources

The Maryland Silver Jackets Team was recognized by their peers as the 2019 Silver Jackets of the Year.  

Team Activities

Flood Warning Tool

USACE has completed our tasks associated with the Laurel Flood Warning Tool (developing flood inundation maps) and the State partner (MDE) is waiting for funding to get the data online. This is an FY21 project that I will likely be closing out soon.