Maine Silver Jackets


To efficiently reduce flood hazards in Maine through coordination between the State and Federal government agencies.


The core agencies will establish an inter-agency team working with other State and Federal Agencies to mitigate flood risks in Maine.


  • Foster partnerships and facilitate cooperation in achieving flood risk reduction
  • Identify gaps and collaboration opportunities
  • Prioritize current and future collective initiatives
  • Combine resources in an effort to increase impact and minimize duplication of effort
  • Foster awareness of agency programs among key stakeholders
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of flood risks
Team Activities

Maine High Water Mark Initiative

Maine experienced a 1-percent annual coastal storm event in February 1978 that resulted in $20,693,181 of damage to public and private infrastructure due to coastal flooding, tidal surge, and high winds. (data source: State Hazard Mitigation Plan) After the event, USGS surveyed and cataloged approximately 100 high water marks (HWMs) that have not been revisited since to determine status. The big picture is to locate and determine status and validate accuracy of existing HWMs, re-survey and/or re-establish better locations when appropriate, and photograph and provide survey data through out the state. However since we need to walk before we run though the state, the Maine SJ team decide to do a "Pilot Project" of two communities (York, ME and Portland, ME).