Louisiana Silver Jackets

The Louisiana Silver Jackets State team was established in April of 2015 with the main goal of increasing efficiency and coordination between the State and Federal governments in developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions to flood risk management in the State of Louisiana.

The core agencies will establish an inter-agency communications team working with other State and Federal Agencies to:

  • Enable the effective and efficient sharing of information,
  • Foster the leveraging of available agency resources,
  • Reinforce risk communication to all residents and stakeholders, and
  • Focus outreach efforts on the state and federal level to ensure the message of flood risk management reaches the entire state.


  • Become a unified resource to State and Federal officials for flood risk management within the State of Louisiana.
  • Work with communities through extensive public outreach to develop comprehensive and sustainable solutions to flood risk management.
  • Identify risk communication opportunities and gaps to combine resources in an effort to minimize duplication of effort.
  • Document and share information on current projects and initiatives.
  • Catalog and share information on past and future projects and initiatives; incorporate documentation from Goal #4.
  • Prioritize current and future initiatives individually and collectively.
  • Identify other collaboration opportunities to combine resources and identify gaps in an effort to minimize duplication of effort, target needs, and increase synergy.
  • Identify and facilitate improvements to existing programs, policies and processes.
  • Educate team members about individual programs, identifying limitations and opportunities within the program.
Team Activities

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Stay tuned for updates on this Team's activities.

For More Information Contact

State of Louisiana Silver Jackets Coordinator, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), New Orleans District, Email, 504-862-2411

Participating Agencies



  • Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA)
  • Louisiana Department of Transportation Office of Public Works (LaDOTD)