The Silver Jackets efforts will support flood mitigation actions and the goals in the state hazard mitigation plan:

Goal 1: Minimize the vulnerability of the people, property, environment, and economy of Kansas and its communities to the impacts of natural and manmade hazards

Goal 2: Build the mitigation capabilities of local governments throughout Kansas in establishing and implementing effective mitigation plans, policies, and programs

Goal 3: Promote a state policy framework for effective hazard mitigation programming in the state

Goal 4: Improve education and training in hazard mitigation and related programs for government officials, businesses, and the public.

More specific flood mitigation strategies, as noted in the Kansas 2018 Mitigation Actions, are to

  1. Mitigate repetitive flood loss and severe repetitive flood loss structures.
  2. Develop inundation maps for high hazard dams
  3. Assist with development of emergency action plans for high hazard dams
  4. Participate in the National Flood Insurance Program and Community Rating System
  5. Prioritize and develop floodplain mapping studies
  6. Improve coordination between the Kansas Water Plan and the Kansas Hazard Mitigation Plan
  7. Conduct mitigation outreach activities to all government agencies and public and private organizations within the State
  8. Support the improvement and accreditation of community flood control levees


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