New Interagency Nonstructural Projects for 2021

In July 2020, USACE Institute for Water Resources selected new project for the Kansas Team!

  • Ottawa Flood Forecast Inundation Mapping. This project is possible under the collaboration of NWS, USACE, and USGS with the city of Ottawa, KS. Similar projects are shown on this web page link.
  • Risk Communication and Outreach in Kansas (ROCK). This effort will enhance awareness of flood risks with a special focus on areas protected by large flood solution infrastructure, like levees.
  • Kansas Healthy Watersheds. This work builds on efforts that Kansas Department of Health and Environment has done under EPA Section 319 grants in the KDHE Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS). The subject of the project are agricultural lands that have begun using best management practices, like no till farming and interseeding of cover crops. The subsequent soil health has documented water quality benefits, but these soils also are proving to reduce runoff. This project will do hydrologic modeling to extrapolate potential flood peak reductions that may be realized if these practices could be done for an entire watershed. Results will be described in a report for the KHMT to use in pursuing future measures that treat rain where it falls.
  • Missouri River Flood Risk Management Plan. Under second year funding, this project will engage state agencies along the Missouri River between Rulo and St. Charles, MO, to form a strategic floodplain plan with counties, levee sponsors, and major stakeholders. The KHMT is a supporter this project, as needed, but the primary lead is the State Risk Management Team in Missouri. Find out more about floodplain management plans and efforts in Kansas here.


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