This web page offers helpful resources to get any community started on floodplain management planning. Flood risk management plans are simply described as a playbook for achieving resiliency from flood hazards. These playbooks are also called flood management plans, and the FEMA Community Rating System guidance and USACE guidance refers to them as floodplain management plans. Silver Jackets leaders believe the guidance from USACE and the FEMA CRS format can compliment the local or state hazard mitigation plans. Communities may also count their master plans among these flood risk management plans. Whatever the name, the main parts are

  • Develop flood awareness
  • Consider the full menu of measures
  • Document the process and the decision history
  • Establish short- and long-term actions
  • Include the public in understanding the options
  • Coordinate between lead roles and smaller roles

A clear plan establishes a sustained effort that

  • can with stand the test of time,
  • recognizes mitigation actions (like funding) can take years to mature,
  • must endure staff turnover, and
  • guides elected officials in prioritizing and developing a more resilient community.


A word cloud of USACE guidance and text on floodplain management plans.

Image of a word cloud based on USACE guidance documents.













Total Flood Risk Management

The following handouts help explain the various parts of floodplain management planning. These files are tri-folds that are useful during public involvement. They are best printed as 8.5"x11" double-sided products. When printing these, be sure to set print settings for 2 sided along the short-edge.

  • What are Flood Master Plans (pdf, 763 KB). This file helps explain the floodplain management planning process.
  • Glossary of Flood Solutions (pdf, 605 KB). This file offers a glossary of terms associated with flood risk management.
  • Flood Solutions FRM Tri-Fold (pdf, 285 KB). This file explains the various features that may be built and the many activities for solving flood mitigation challenges.
  • Flood Solutions Placemat (pdf, 1.6 MB). This file is an 11"x17" sheet for use in helping the pubic understand the full menu of flood risk management measures and on the back side includes the process for developing a flood management playbook. This is especially designed for briefings and workshops that have training objective.

National Training

The staff on this Silver Jackets Team has accumulated experience doing the floodplain management plans. Training and facilitated discussions have been held at several floodplain manager events, including the

Slides. The presentations below are from past training events:

Videos. Recordings of past training are below.

Essential Elements of Floodplain Management Plans

A clip from the training video Essential Elements of Floodplain Management Plans


State and National Examples

The following is a list of floodplain management plans. Some have been officially adopted and others are in-progress. Communities that do adopt a floodplain management plan can get discounts for homeowners that establish a flood insurance policy. Communities must enroll in the FEMA Community Rating System

Wildcat Creek Floodplain Management Plan cover image

Learn More

The Silver Jackets team is willing to share these details and help communities nation-wide learn how to do their own floodplain management plans. On request, the staff can provide a 40 minute briefing that introduces floodplain management plans as a tool to reach resiliency. Onsite workshops have also been provided in the past, and any state or community may request these. To ask for assistance contact this email or call 816-389-3337.

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Connect the dots in the process and create a more resilient community!

Image illustrating the process behind doing floodplain management plans.











Past Documents and Presentations Used with the Team

Many presentations, papers, and other products have been provided for the Kansas Hazard Mitigation Team, as listed below:

A proper flood management plan should acknowledge the full menu of flood risk management measures, shown below.


A set of pictograms for the full menu of flood risk management measures.












More Resources

The following 2-minute video is a useful for better understanding the process and elements of a flood risk management plan. The video is being used to support the developing floodplain management planning efforts in Ottawa, KS, is support of Kansas DWR's flood map updates for the Upper Marais Des Cygnes Watershed maps. Public meetings for the risk assessment are mainly about the new FEMA flood maps, but the Kansas Hazard Mitigation Team will also offer a "Mitigation Station" aimed to help the community staff introduce the city and county effort for resiliency to flood disasters.

Image from the video on the floodplain management plan for Ottawa, KS.

Public Engagement Tool for Ottawa, KS Flood Risk Management Plans (52 MB, WMA file)


Get Help for Your Community

The Silver Jackets team is willing to share these details and help communities nation-wide learn how to do their own floodplain management plans. To ask for assistance contact this email or call 816-389-3337.