Big Blue and Kansas Rivers' Confluence, Silver Jackets Interagency Project. This interagency project is improving flood hazard awareness in three ways. See the Wildcat Creek project above for two similar elements. First the project will complete a floodplain management plan (FMP) for the community for this major river. The FMP will be more detailed than Wildcat Creek in that a levee and a large USACE dam are in the project area , but more importantly, a comprehensive introduction to nonstructural measures for the public to consider. Second, the project uses yet another flood forecast inundation map through the National Weather Service and new forecast point with an existing gage on the Big Blue River. The third part is the about future condition flows from yet to be developed areas below the dam. Completion of this project is estimated to be by end of 2014. This interagency project also overlaps with a public involvement pilot, which collaborates with Pottawatomie County, Riley County, the city of Manhattan, Kansas, and several agencies through several work groups. These work groups will help enhance public outreach in 2014.

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  • Public Meeting April, 16, 2014

  • Flood forecast inundation map (by March 2015)

  • Floodplain Management Plan (beginning in June 2014)

  • Public Meeting, Flood Proofing and Other Flood Mitigation Tools, in September 2014 (details here)

  • Public Meeting, A Playbook for the Mitigation Tools: Floodplain Management Plan TBD

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