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Colorado Silver Jackets

The Colorado Silver Jackets team is an interagency partnership dedicated to finding long-term solutions for Colorado's flood risk management.

Mission Statement

Through an intergovernmental team of State and Federal agencies, a collaborative process will:

  • Facilitate strategic, integrated life-cycle mitigation actions to reduce the threat, vulnerability and consequences of floods in Colorado;
  • Create or supplement a mechanism to collaboratively solve flood risk issues and recommend mitigation measures;
  • Foster leveraging of available agency resources and information;
  • Increase and improve flood risk communication and outreach;
  • Improve upon comprehensive regional flood risk management strategies; and
  • Integrate mitigation measures and recovery actions





Team Activities

Coming Soon…

Stay tuned for updates on this Team’s activities.


For More Information Contact

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Email, 402-995-2348

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 Colorado Charter March 2013 (pdf, 645 KB)