Silver Jackets teams are developed and led at the state level with the support of federal partners. At a minimum, each state team includes the state National Flood Insurance Program coordinator, the State Hazard Mitigation Officer, a representative from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and a representative from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The state has the leadership role and may opt to utilize an existing team or create a new team. As lead, the state may invite additional participation, governmental and non-governmental, to advance the state goals in flood risk management. Additional federal agency engagement may include any or all of the following:

State agencies beyond those housing the state National Flood Insurance Program coordinator and the State Hazard Mitigation Officer may participate, including those with jurisdiction over environmental protection, natural resources, economic development, and land use. Consistent with the state priorities, local, Tribal and non-governmental representatives may also participate.

For a list of Federal agencies that participate in and support Silver Jackets team, click here.

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Silver Jackets in Action

Multi-Hazard Disaster Outreach, Awareness, and Education

This proposal supports outreach efforts targeted at educating other agencies, government officials, community leaders, and the general public on the risks associated with flooding, flood after fire, and dam safety in California. The need to communicate dam safety topics, including the understanding of inundation maps, has become increasingly important. California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) will lead the efforts at communicating California's flood and other related risks.


Nevada Provides Dam Safety Support for EAPs and TTXS

This project will support the coordination, facilitation and presentation of dam safety workshops hosted by Nevada DWR, Nevada Division of Emergency Management, and other partners, provide dam owners and the public basic knowledge of Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) and how to run a successful tabletop exercise (TTX), with the goals of connecting dam owners and the public to emergency management officials.

Workshops will provide dam owners the tools and contacts to conduct their own TTXs specific to their own EAPs. The project will also provide multimedia support to dam owners who are interested in hosting emergency TTXs.