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Nebraska: New Website Designed to Help the Public Make Flood Risk Decisions

With so many agencies involved with flood risk management, emergency response, and water resources, the number of flood risk messages available to the public can be overwhelming. No single agency has the full responsibility of flood risk management, and not surprisingly, no single website provides the public with a full understanding of flood risk management or flood response. To address this need, the Nebraska Silver Jackets team developed the Flood Risk and Floodplain Management Website

The website presents information from existing websites in an understandable format with the intention of helping the general public make informed flood risk decisions. 

The team also created a one-page flier that emergency responders can provide to the public during flood emergencies. The flier complete with a Quick Response (QR) code, directs the public to the website.

The website was developed collaboratively by the Nebraska Silver Jackets team and is hosted by the Nevada Department of Natural Resources. Material for the website was provided by a number of agencies, and the content continues to be updated as new information becomes available. In organizing the vast amount of material, two information tracks were created: Flood Risk to understand and mitigate against the potential consequences of flooding; and Flood Response to understand and respond to an ongoing eminent threat of flooding.

The Flood Risk and Floodplain Management Website provides a collaborative, multi-agency approach by presenting flood information and key messages from multiple sources in a clear and comprehensive format. The series of webpages helps direct the general public by providing a single starting point for all types of flood-related information by organizing it in a linear manner and allowing the public to self-educate and ultimately better understand and respond to flood risk.