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Maine Silver Jackets

In Maine, the lead coordinator for the Silver Jackets team is the Maine Floodplain Management Program.  The team, working with the Maine Interagency Stream Connectivity Working Group, completed a pilot project to identify public works structures that will be threatened in extreme weather events. By increasing public awareness at the local level and encouraging preemptive mitigation efforts this project will reduce flood risk caused by undersize structures such as culverts.






Team Activities

Pro-Active Measures Identify At-Risk Culverts

Over the years in supporting presidential declarations, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has reimbursed millions of dollars for countless numbers of culvert repairs and road washouts to states, counties, and local communities. Culvert failures and subsequent road washouts have not only been expensive, but have led to serious business interruptions, as well as major inconveniences to residents. In many cases, the culverts were replaced with a larger culvert or hydraulic structure to mitigate future damage.

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