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Explore relevant materials for developing a Silver Jackets team, including a team overview, resources for interagency teamwork and advice from successful teams.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets workshops focus on integrating and leveraging programs to reduce flood risk. Take a look at past workshops, including downloadable presentations and workshop materials.

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The latest Silver Jackets Newsletter, The Buzz (PDF, 6.39 MB), shares news from different agencies, state teams, and highlights the Arkansas Team's recent charter signing.

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FY20 Call for Interagency Nonstructural Flood Risk Management Proposals - USACE Floodplain Management Services Program

As in previous years, a portion of FY20 Flood Plain Management Services (FPMS) funding is apportioned to interagency nonstructural flood risk management (FRM) work.  Silver Jackets teams have leveraged this funding opportunity to initiate more than 400 interagency efforts since 2011. A table summarizing some of them is located at http://silverjackets.nfrmp.us/Resources/Interagency-Projects.

Not a grant program, the interagency work promotes participation by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) staff in small efforts undertaken in conjunction with other partners in order to achieve FRM benefits that could not be achieved by any one party alone.  A Call for Proposals invites proposals from USACE Districts for that purpose, with a focus on approaches that utilize the agency's expertise in engineering to provide local communities and States with technical and planning assistance regarding the development and implementation of nonstructural approaches to manage and reduce flood risks.  Proposals may address any or all portions of the flood risk management life cycle (prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate) and may address floods and flood hazards in both coastal and riverine areas.

Listen in to learn more about this opportunity and the timeline for FY20 proposal submittals.


  • Lisa Bourget, USACE Institute for Water Resources
  • Manuela Johnson, Indiana Department of Homeland Security
  • Stacey Underwood, USACE Baltimore District

The presentation (pdf, 1.33 MB), recorded session (mp3, 8.66 MB) and transcript (pdf, 195 KB) are available.

Date: January 29, 2019

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