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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets workshops focus on integrating and leveraging programs to reduce flood risk. Take a look at past workshops, including downloadable presentations and workshop materials.

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The latest Silver Jackets Newsletter, The Buzz (PDF, 3.00 MB), shares news from different agencies, state teams, and details the recent flood risk management planning guide released by the DC Silver Jackets team.

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Silver Jackets Webinar on Real Time Inundation Mapping

In May 2010, the Middle Tennessee region endured a record flood event that resulted in billions of dollars in damages and multiple fatalities. In the years following the flood, federal agencies worked closely with Nashville to develop hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) modeling and flood risk management products such as updated Flood Insurance Study modeling and mapping, guides, GIS web viewers that correlate flood depths/timing to forecasted precipitation, and the installation of headwater stream gages.

Over the past year, the culmination of all this effort has resulted in a detailed real-time flood forecasting system using the Hydrologic Engineering Center's Real-Time Simulation (HEC-RTS) software. HEC-RTS leverages the suite of HEC software packages including the Hydrologic Modeling System and River Analysis System  in a common environment to simulate, in real-time, the rainfall-runoff response from the watershed and flow hydraulics through the reach network of the watershed.

This presentation describes: the history behind why and how the HEC-RTS modeling was developed; unique aspects of the model; and how the model brings together the needs and capabilities of federal agencies and local communities.

Mr. Brantley Thames was the presenter.  He has worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Nashville, TN for 17 years and serves as the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Regional Technical Specialist in Flood Risk Management.

Over his career, Brantley has been mostly focused on using H&H modeling and mapping to update flood insurance products and to develop flood risk management alternatives for local communities. Recently, Brantley has become more involved with real-time flood forecasting model development to support local communities and the National Weather Service.

The presentation (pdf, 6.98 MB) and recorded session (mp3, 10.0 MB) are available.

Date: July 17, 2018

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