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D.C. Silver Jackets Recognized as “Team of the Year”


The D.C. Silver Jackets Team received the “Silver Jackets State Team of the Year Award” at the national Silver Jackets Workshop in St. Louis, March 2, 2017.


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Group photo of D.C. Silver Jackets with Award


D.C. Silver Jackets Releases New Digital Flood Maps


The participating agencies of the D.C. Silver Jackets team have released a new online flood inundation mapping tool for the Potomac and Anacostia rivers in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and nearby communities.


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D.C. Flood Emergency Manual Update


The Washington, DC, Silver Jackets Team is working on updating the D.C. Flood Emergency Manual and held a tabletop exercise in November 2015 to test the current manual.


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D.C. Silver Jackets Recognized as 2015 Climate Change Leader by Cities100


Cities100, a global publication from Sustainia in collaboration with C40 and Realdania, highlights the D.C. Silver Jackets as one of its top 100 city programs addressing climate change.


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Silver Jackets will Host an October 1st Webinar on Understanding and Improving Public Response to NWS’s Coastal Flood Forecasts


When coastal flood events happen, residents are inundated with media information about the impending storm and likely risks. National Weather Service (NWS) has a comprehensive and timely suite of flood forecast and warning products that provide accurate information residents can use to prepare. Still, many residents fail to take steps to protect their lives and property. What barriers prevent effective risk communication, and what forecast products do the public value most?


Rachel Carr from Nurture Nature Center, a non-profit organization with a focus on flood issues, will present the recently released findings from its social science research study addressing these questions.  “They Had the Facts, Why Didn’t They Act” was one of ten projects funded through NOAA’s Coastal Storm Awareness Program and administered by New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium to understand decision-making during extreme weather events. To facilitate public understanding of hazardous weather risk and motivate action, the study looked at how residents of the New Jersey coast understood and valued the coastal flood forecast and warning products issued by the NWS during Hurricane Sandy with a particular emphasis on the role emergency briefings could play in communicating risk to public audiences.


A New Guide to Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Emergencies is Now Available


Risk reduction can be achieved through various means, including improved approaches to flood warning and emergency management. The USACE Dam and Levee Safety Programs have recently engaged with renowned social scientists in the areas of warning and evacuation to better understand what motivates people to take protective actions during an emergency event. "A Guide to Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Emergencies" (pdf, 2.22 MB) summarizes the results of that effort. It is targeted at anyone involved in the emergency management process, including emergency management officials, public affairs personnel (public information officers, public affairs officers), emergency first responders (incident commanders, police and fire personnel), dam and levee owners and operators, radio and television broadcasters, public elected officials, and other people or organizations involved with or interested in local emergency management.


Silver Jackets Website Redesigned


The redesigned Silver Jackets website is now available!  The redesigned site features improved organization, enhanced searchability, and new content regarding actions taken by state-led Silver Jackets teams across the nation.  The site also provides a portal for team members to access resources that support internal team development and sharing. Suggestions on the redesigned website are welcome.


The site was revised after considering broad suggestions offered during listening sessions for an earlier revision of the Flood Risk Management Program website, as well as specific comments offered by Silver Jackets team members during various meetings and webinars where the website was featured.  USACE revised existing content and developed new content as part of its ongoing role to support state Silver Jackets teams.


The Silver Jackets Program provides a formal and consistent strategy for an interagency approach to planning and implementing measures to reduce the risks associated with flooding and other natural hazards.  State-led Silver Jackets teams bring together multiple state, federal, and sometimes tribal and local agencies to learn from one another, facilitate collaborative solutions, and reduce flood risk and other natural disasters.  Within USACE, the Silver Jackets Program facilitates implementation of its Flood Risk Management Program at the state level.  USACE established the Flood Risk Management Program to work across the agency to focus its policies, programs, and expertise and to align USACE activities with counterpart activities of other federal, state, regional and local agencies in order to manage and reduce flood risk.


Website Wins Award


A website developed in support of the Nevada Silver Jackets team interagency project to initiate Nevada's Flood Awareness Week was awarded the regional Floodplain Management Association's Communication and Outreach award. The website is a one-stop shop to find resources and information about flooding and preparedness. The site consolidates information from many sites, organizes it into easily accessible pages, and includes information specific to Nevada. In addition to promoting flood awareness, the site provides interactive flood risk determination features, emergency preparedness activities for children, flood history of Nevada communities, a flood library, and information to help local governments organize their own Flood Awareness Week activities. The website generated over 1000 unique “hits” between July and December 2014. Participating in the interagency effort were the Nevada Department of Natural Resources; the Nevada Department of Emergency Management; the University of Nevada, Reno; Carson City River Watershed Conservancy; Truckee River Flood Management Authority; Cities of Carson City, Reno, Elko, and Yerington; US Geological Survey; US Bureau of Mines; and the US Army Corps of Engineers. 


Spring 2015 Silver Jackets Newsletter


The latest Silver Jackets Newsletter, The Buzz (PDF, 1.83 MB), shares news from different agencies, state teams, and NGOs and welcomes Mr. Frank Randon as the USACE Office of Homeland Security Deputy Chief for the next four months.


Interagency Projects Funded


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers selected an additional 21 interagency proposals in 18 states for FY15 funding in March 2015. Funds enable USACE involvement using its Flood Plain Management Services authority, such as providing technical service to local, county, state, or other partners in support of their taking action with that information to reduce flood risk. Proposals provide nonstructural means of addressing various state flood risk management priorities.


Alaska: Koyukuk Floodplain Report Michigan: Michigan StreamStats
California: Communicating Flood Risk- Multimedia Minnesota: Red River of the North Basin Flood Forecasting Improvement Project
California: San Mateo County Vulnerability Analysis  North Dakota: Mouse (Souris) River Comprehensive Unsteady Flow HEC-RAS Model Study
Florida: High Water Strike Team Outreach Initiative New Jersey: Unsteady HEC-RAS Model for the Passaic River Basin to Support Enhanced Flood Risk Management
Georgia: City of Helen, White County, GA, Flood Inundation Mapping Project Nevada: Communication of Nevada's Flood Risk- Multimedia
Louisiana: Lafayette Parish, LA, Flood Risk Management Mitigation Analysis Nevada: Dam Safety Outreach for Non-Corps Dams
Iowa: Nonstructural FRM Iowa Bridge Sensor Rating Curve FRM Demonstration Project Oregon: Baker County, OR, Floodplain Management and Flood Response Plan Templates
Illinois: Alexander County and Cairo, IL, Area Levee Breach Analysis for Risk and Evacuation Planning Utah: Grand County Utah Floodplain Management Plan 
Kansas: Emergency Action Plans for Dams in Kansas Virginia: AHPS River Forecast Point Development, City Locks, Richmond, VA
Kentucky: Flood Inundation Mapping along the North Fork of the Kentucky River, Hazard, KY West Virginia: Lincoln County Mitigation Interest Framework
Kentucky: LIDAR Data Assessment for "Artificial" Levees in Daviess County, KY