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California Silver Jackets Offers Monthly Webinars through the Watershed University

The Watershed University is a free event cooperatively led by the California Silver Jackets team to provide education and networking opportunities for California professionals in floodplain management, water management, emergency management and related fields. The event is offered with recognition that some communities could not afford investment of time and money to send floodplain managers and other professionals to conferences. The Watershed University began as an annual multi-day event in April 2016 with participants receiving continuing education credits through on-line or in-person participation.  In 2017, the multi-day event was replaced by monthly one-hour webinars. Past topics have included National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) updates and mapping, Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program, hydrologic warning systems, risk communication, and tolerable risk guidelines.

For more information about Watershed University, please visit: http://water.ca.gov/watershed-university/


So You’re a Floodplain Manager video still

Idaho Silver Jackets Produces ‘So, You're a Floodplain Manager,’ A Resource Guide for New Floodplain Administrators

The Idaho Silver Jackets team have compiled a Resource Guide to assist newly appointed floodplain administrators. A humorous video introduction describes the floodplain administrator’s role and responsibilities, available resources, and training opportunities. The guide also includes information about model ordinances, regulations, floodplain management standards, mapping, flood hazard mitigation plans, flood response and recovery, levees and dams, funding assistance and grant programs, and templates and forms. Individual documents or the complete Resource Guide can be downloaded on-line from the Idaho Silver Jackets webpage.


Screenshot of Flood Fighter Video Game

Nevada Silver Jackets Develops Flood Fighter: Nevada, an Educational Video Game for Children

The Nevada Silver Jackets team developed an educational video game to promote awareness about water management challenges in the state. Flood Fighter: Nevada is an interactive, on-line educational video game that teaches children about different flooding scenarios and emergency planning. Test your flood knowledge at Flood Fighter: Nevada.


Software screenshot of Rapid Assessment Flooding Tool (RAFT)

Oregon Silver Jackets Rapid Assessment Flooding Tool (RAFT) is Available On-line

The “Rapid Assessment of Flooding Tool” (RAFT) is an interactive, almost real-time tool that characterizes the severity of forecasted flooding across the state. The tool synthesizes flood frequency data from various federal partners, as well as flood forecasts from the National Weather Service Forecast Center, and depicts expected severity of flooding using tabular and geospatial data. Historic events can be analyzed as well. RAFT has many applications, such as determining whether potential flooding severity justifies a flood emergency declaration. USGS uses this tool to strategize where to take gage measurements for upcoming flood­ing and it can help identify gage malfunctions and rating curve issues.  Anyone with a web connection can access RAFT.

A Silver Jackets webinar provides additional information about this tool.